Heating Cooling Systems

Learn About Heating & Cooling Systems

Smart ENERGY SYSTEMS is knowledgeable in many types of HVAC systems. Read about the three main types we encounter in Bel-Air, Maryland, and the surrounding area.

Heat Pumps

Residential heat pumps can efficiently heat and cool your home and are an alternative to fuel source heating. Heat pumps move heat from the outside into your warm home during the heating season. During the cooling season, the heat pump moves the heat from the house to the outside. We install all heat pump products including mini-split and Geothermal systems.


Also known as a ground source heat pump, it is a heating and cooling system that transfers heat to or from the ground outside using the Earth as a heat source (winter) and a heat sink (summer). It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Gas and Oil

Gas is a very common heating fuel, and we find that most central heating systems use gas. Gas furnaces have become more energy efficient over the decades, and the newest models can achieve 97% near-total efficiency. Oil forced hot air furnaces offer reliable heat from clean burning fuel.